Many cultures have different beliefs about the life that you save. Some say that you have a special bond with that person, others say that you are now responsible for that life.

But what about the life you take?

I am talking specifically about those who have bullied someone to the point where they have taken their own life. That soul exited its mortal coil in tormented suffering, pain, sadness and grief.

I wonder if the girls who bullied Rachel Ehmke are aware of what they have done. Do they understand that it was their actions and cruel words caused a life to end before its time. Will they feel this press on them as they move forward with their lives and feel the burden of it?

Do we turn to the adults in their lives and wonder why no one did anything to intervene? No older student stood up and said stop. No teacher was able to catch them in the act of abuse. No parent told them to be kind because nice matters.

I look to this article and I think about all of the firsts that this young woman will never have. She will never learn to drive or graduate high school, she will never have her first kiss or her heart broken, or the joy of finding love after healing.

I grieve for those who have lost someone they love to suicide; it is especially difficult when it is a young person.

Depression wears many faces, hides in different smiles and sometimes the call for help is more of a whisper.

The heart of the issue is that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.


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  1. Angel B.

    She was only 13. I can’t imagine what she had to be going through to do something so extreme at such a young age.

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